Human worms

Human worms

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ascaris lumbricoides: causative of ascariasis

What they are - definition

Human worms are diseases caused by worms (wormwood and nematelminths) that parasitize the human body and cause some problems in the body's functioning. They usually inhabit the intestines of humans and may migrate to other parts of the body.

Main forms of contagion

These host worms can penetrate the human body in the following ways:

- Direct or indirect contact with human or animal feces contaminated with worms.

- Ingestion of contaminated water.

- Ingestion of food contaminated with worms or their eggs.

Main worms and causative worms:

- Cysticercosis - ingestion of tapeworm eggs solium. Larvae that hatch from eggs can migrate to various parts of the body, causing serious health problems for the host, including death.

- Ascariasis: provoked by the worm Ascaris lumbricoides. These worms stay in the bowel of the sick person, getting food from the bolus. It can in large quantities clog the bowel or lead to severe malnutrition.

- Schistosomiasis - a disease popularly known as a water belly is caused by schistosoma mansoni. It may cause cramps, headaches, weight loss, dizziness and diarrhea.

- Enterobiosis or oxyuriasis: caused by the nematode worm Vermicular Enterobius. May cause anal itching in the infected person, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.

- Hookworm (also known as yellowing) - caused by the worm Ancylostoma duodenale , can cause intestinal wall damage, blood spoliation and lung and skin wall damage.

Preventive Attitudes:

- Drink only filtered, boiled or mineral water (from a source suitable for human consumption);

- Wash and, when necessary, sterilize food before consuming it;

- Wash hands thoroughly before meals;

- Wash your hands thoroughly after using the toilet to avoid contaminating others if you are infected with a worm.

- Fry, bake or cook meat thoroughly before eating it;

- Do not walk barefoot in dirty or potentially contaminated places, such as near sewers that run outdoors.

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