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Zoologist: scientist who studies animals

Professional - what you do

The zoologist is the professional who is dedicated to the scientific study of animals. Besides being very fond of animals, this professional must have qualities and skills linked to the scientific research of animals.

Because zoology is a very wide area, since there are so many species of animals, there are specialties about the zoologist's work.

The zoologist may work in universities, zoos and private animal breeding companies.

Main specialties

- Entomologist: studies the insects

- Ichthyologist: studies fish

- Ornithologist: creates and studies bird species

- Herpetologist: specialist in the study of reptiles and amphibians

- Malacologist: studies the mollusks

- Ketologist: studies the behavior and life of marine mammals

- Helminthologist: studies the worms

- Ficologist: zoologist who studies algae

- Cinologist: study of dogs