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Insectivorous animals

Insectivorous animals

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Fly eating frog: insectivore example

What they are - biological definition

Insectivores are insect-eating animals and some species of arthropods (spiders, centipedes, etc.). We found insectivores among birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and mammals.

Regular insectivores are those with insects as their main food source. The occasional ones are those that feed on insects as a food supplement.

Insectivores have a great advantage in nature because in addition to insects being present in almost every region of the planet, they are a rich source of protein.

Summary of General Features

- The metabolism of these animals is prepared to digest the body of insects, taking advantage of nutrients.

- They are usually small and medium sized animals.

- They need a large daily intake of protein, so they feed on insects.

Habitat of insectivorous species

The habitat of regular insectivores is very large, because insects exist in various regions of the planet. In places where there is a high concentration of insects (hot weather places), there are also many insectivorous animals. Insectivorous species are not found in the polar regions of the planet, because in these areas there is almost no presence of insects.

Examples of insectivorous animals:

- I saw you

- Frogs and Frogs
- Urchin

- Chameleon

- Anteater

- Bats

- Boar

- Swallow

- Nightingale

- Carp

- Spider

- Lizard

- Marmoset

- Land wolf

- Armadillo

- Salamander

- Shrew

Biological Curiosities:

There are some plants that are called insectivorous such as carnivores. However, this denomination is not entirely correct, as these plants do not use insects as food.

- The anteater is one of the main representatives of insectivorous animals. In a single day, an adult anteater can eat up to 30,000 termites.

- The boar is an insectivorous animal that loves to eat insect larvae.

- Although in some (mainly eastern) countries some people feed on insects, we cannot say that humans are insectivores. Insects are consumed by these people in small quantities as a cultural tradition or as a simple snack.

The consumption of insects by humans is called entomophagy.

Anteater: one of the best known insectivores (pictured: anteater).