Plant Cell

Plant Cell

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Plant Cell: Various Types of Plant Functions

Which is

The plant cell is very similar to the animal cell, it differs only from the second cell in that it has some more organelles such as the cell wall and chloroplasts.

Components and Functions

The plant cell is made up of protoplasmic components (nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, cytoplasm, ribosomes, golgi complex, mitochondria, lysosomes, and plasts.) And non-protoplasmic components (vacuoles, cell wall, and ergastric substances).

The cell wall is a unique feature of plant cells, it has the function of protecting and shaping adult cells. It is mainly formed by cellulose.

Chloroplasts are chlorophyll plasts, they are responsible for photosynthesis. They are present only in cells exposed to light.

As in the animal cell, the plant cell performs various types of functions for the purpose of maintaining its balance and life.