Marine Biology Course (Undergraduate)

Marine Biology Course (Undergraduate)

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Marine Biologist: Important in Environmental Preservation

Marine Biology Course Information

Main objectives of the course

Train a professional able to:

- Do basic and applied research in Marine Biology;

- Plan and implement programs aimed at training professionals in the area;

- Conduct studies and plan scientific projects in the area;

- Provide scientific-technological consulting;

- Identify the environmental preservation needs of marine ecosystems;

- Train multidisciplinary teams.

Main Course Subjects:

- Common Nucleus of Biology: Mathematics, Chemistry, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Embryology, Ecosystems, Plant Physiology, Ecosystems, Parasitology, Plant Morphology, Microbiology, Biogeography, Histology, Invertebrate and Vertebrate Zoology, Meteorology, Aquaculture and Comparative Anatomy .

- Specific Nucleus (professionals): Fishery Biology, Ecology of Benthic Environments, Ecology of Pelagic Environments, Evolution of the South Atlantic and Paleo-Oceanography and Estuarine Systems.

Marine Biologist's main fields of activity:

- Private companies operating in the fishing area;

- Ecotourism companies;

- Universities and Marine Research Centers;

- Companies operating in the exploration of oil, natural gas or other mineral resources;

- NGOs working in the area of ​​environmental preservation;

- Environmental education.

Main colleges offering the course in Brazil (Undergraduate):

- Unesp - Paulista Coastal Experimental Campus (São Vicente-SP)

- Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Fundão Island - University City - Rio de Janeiro - RJ)

- Maria Thereza Integrated Colleges - FAMATH (Niterói-RJ)

- UNISANTA - Santa Cecília University (Santos-SP)

- Fluminense Federal University (Niterói-RJ)

- Univille - University of Joinville Region (Joinville-SC)

- Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Imbé-RS)


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