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Bibliographic indication for the study of Neurology

Book of Neurology (bibliography):

Neurology Guide

Author: Bertolucci, Paulo H. F. and Others

Publisher: Manole

Neurology Handbook - Resident Handbook

Author: Baiense, Robson F.

Publisher: Roca

Child Neurology Handbook

Author: Mattle, Henrich

Publisher: Guanabara


Author: Cambier, J.

Publisher: Guanabara

Clinical neurology

Author: Clark, Jeffrey W.

Publisher: Artmed

Neurology and Neurosurgery

Author: Brandt, Reynaldo A.

Publisher: Manole

Neurology on a page

Author: Brillman, Jon

Publisher: Gunabara

Secrets of Neurology

Author: Rolak, Loren A.

Publisher: Artmed

Neurology Treaty

Author: Rowland, Lewis, P.

Publisher: Guanabara

Neurology Handbook

Author: Samuels, Martin A.

Publisher: Revinter

Mosby Neurology Handbook

Author: Lerner, Alan J., M.D.

Publisher: Elsevier (Medicine)

Neurology - Current - Diagnosis and Treatment

Author: Brust, John, C. M.

Publisher: Revinter

Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology

Author: Gonçalves, Vanda Maria G.

Publisher: Revinter

Child Development Neurology

Author: Adoni, Tarsus

Publisher: Atheneu

The Practical Guide to Neurology

Author: Andre, Charles

Publisher: Guanabara

History of Neurology in São Paulo State

Author: Alonso-Nieto, José Luiz

Publisher: Lemos Editorial

Washington Manual - Practical Guide to Neurology

Author: Lin, Tammy L.

Publisher: Guanabara


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